Safe Side

It’s 7:00 o’clock on a Thursday night, and there’s a court reporter on the forums “in desperate need of a scopist.” Sounds harmless, right? Except for the fact that you have no idea what their preferences will be, if they’re a decent writer, how ...Read More

Save Time With Toggl

Whether it’s the transcript that’s the bane of your existence or one that you effortlessly scoped 30 pages an hour, it’s important to track how much time you actually spent working on a job; from the time you received the files, to that glorious ...Read More

Burning Bridges

An e-mail that really stands out from the rest, was from a client who implied that if I didn’t upgrade to the newest version of Eclipse immediately (I was waiting for the patch to fix the software bugs), this obviously meant that I just didn’t ...Read More

The Unpaid Invoice

254 pages of a grueling child custody case, silence, an unpaid invoice, and a scopist who was left feeling a myriad of emotions: Violated. Deceived. Confused. Cheated. Inadequate. Angry. Angry at myself and angry at her. I’d love to say that I’m not sure ...Read More

Growth Rates

In my first year of scoping, I worked with a reporter whose transcripts made my fingers numb. I spent hours typing in missing paragraphs, and I grew increasingly frustrated each time I was asked to “scope” her jobs. Transcription is not the same as ...Read More